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Folder Access Free

Protect Your Private Files With FOLDER ACCESS
What's worse? Unreliable security or no security at all? That's the question posed by Folder Access Pro, an underpowered utility that claims to protect your data by locking your folders with a password. Compared to simple encryption programs, Folder Access Pro is very quick and very easy to use. You only have to right-click a folder in Windows Explorer to lock or unlock it without opening the main program window. However, Folder Access Pro doesn't encrypt the folder, and savvy users can hack the protection with several mouse clicks. They merely need to stop the program with any process-exploring utility, including Task Manager. At that point, locked folders are as good as open. Folder Access Pro scores points for its freeware price, and it might do for keeping out small children or clueless users, but it's very poorly suited to any situation wherein security really matters.

Download File RAR 4.1Mb

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