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How To Download File From Megaupload

Here is the way to download file from Megaupload Using Firefox
1. Make sure that you ara using Mozilla Firefox browser
Firefox 2
2. Install add-ons Megaupload SX
3. Restart browser
4. Choose menu tools -> Megaupload3 and make it enabled

5. Enter megaupload link that you want to download
6. Enter the secret code shown and start download

Good Luck
- nakmengwi -


  1. Doesn't work, or if it does I don't see what it is supposed to be doing!

  2. May be you didn't see the secret code shown at the right top of your megaupload page. It's always work well. Thanks.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. but whit up of mozilla i can dowload from megaupload without restrinction?

  5. this is GREAT! thanks for sharing! ...any way you could do sthg. similar for rapidshare? ;)

    @Dank, you should know that you can download from megaupload w/o restriction only if you paid for it -_-


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