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Get Money With Absolutely Free File Hosting Service

There are many ways to earn money from internet, and now the inovative and easiest way has come, by uploading and sharing your file you can easily get payed.

How make it cometrue ?? This is the sites :

"Ziddu" is another site for sharing big files like rapidshare, sendspace. But what makes it different is that it is offering full free accounts, no premium accounts. You can view picture, audio, and video files on the site itself. You can download them or you can view them on the site. Apart from being free, you can earn money also. Whenever someone download your file, you will earn $0.001. That means you will get a $1 if your files are downloaded 1000 times. Money will be credited through PayPal. Before crediting you need to earn at least $10.As a blogger you might be putting images on your blog, even though blogger.com is offering free space for images, you can earn money by uploading the photos to ziddu
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What does ziddu offer??

A plethora of photo management tools such as 'Photo Album' and 'Slide Show' to share!

Flexibility to create Video and Audio libraries to share!!

Offers all free accounts! No Premium accounts!!

Apart from download, you can view / watch / listen online any uploaded file with Ziddu!

Accepts parallel downloads! no waiting !!

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